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The Problem of Evil

The problem of evil does not prove God is absent. It points to his future actions.

What is the Problem of Evil?

The problem of evil (PoE) is a philosophical argument. It is probably the strongest argument an atheist might have to justify atheism. It is said that the existence of evil proves that God is either not all good or not all powerful (and therefore does not exist as defined by monotheistic faiths). If God does not want evil to exist then he is not all that good. If he simply cannot stop evil then he is not all that powerful. 


Islam and Historical Criticism

by Joshua Alexander, RC Chapter Director, Shepherd University 

If one is not a pluralist he/she may be inclined to compare/contrast religions and evaluate them. A pluralist might ask "why?" while others ask, "by what criteria?" Of course, there are various approaches each with there respective standards, one of which is known as the ethical approach. 

The ethical approach is a common and quite justified approach that focuses on the character of Muhammad and the effects Islam has had throughout history, which we see so clearly in many Muslim nations today. If Muhammad were really the prophet of God, and Islam the true religion, then Muhammad’s life should reflect this and Islam should have a just, ethical system that promotes human flourishing.

Qur'an to Jesus in 3 Hops

How the Qur'an confirms the authenicity of the gospels

I often wonder how different my beliefs would be if I grew up under different circumstances. Am I a Christian only because I was raised by Christians? What if I had been raised by atheists or by Hindus? Would I come to the same conclusions that I arrive at now?  

I have even made attempts in the past to clear my slate (as best I can) and start from scratch. It is important to examine our own beliefs. Why do I believe in God? Why do I believe Jesus is God? If I start over, would I re-assemble the same construct that I have now or would it look different? While we are (admittedly) incapable of entirely setting aside beliefs, one can attempt to imagine different starting points in life and explore the reasoning premised on the beliefs we hold. Imagine that you were a Muslim (are perhaps you are). If the Qur'an alone were your starting point then where would it guide you?

ISIS the Irrational

Ever wondered why ISIS acts so contrary to reason?

Two theological schools emerged within Sunni Islam in the ninth century. The first, the Mu’tazalites, said that God is reason and justice. The Mu’tazalites held that man’s first duty is to reason because the existence of God is not self-evident.

Ratio Christi E-pologetics Seminar - "What's the Big Idea?!"

Loving God with the Mind: The Role of Apologetics in Thinking, Evangelism, and Faith in Culture

  • 9/19/2015 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Author: Steve Schlichter
  • Number of views: 4831

Emcee: Carl Head, Student President at UM Dearborn
Topic 1 (1-2:30pm): "Does it All Fit" The Questions that Every Wordview Must Answer

Speaker: Shane Rife, Oak Pointe Community Church 

Everyone has a worldview, and it's vital to have a well-defined one.  A worldview is the "lens" through which you understand everything around you, how you interpret and make sense of all reality, even in your Christian faith. A person can have a strong worldview or or weak one if they're not intentional. There are five biblical criteria for every worldview: 1) Origin, 2) Purpose, 3) Value, 4) Morality, 5) Destiny. In this talk Shane will help you evaluate your own worldview and those of others so you can effectively make biblical decisions and shape intelligent conversations.

Topic 2 (3-4:30pm): "Yes, No, Maybe", Reason as Evidence for a Rational God
Speaker: Dr. Bert Spalding, Wayne State University

We live in a rational world, but faith and reason are NOT opposites. Everyone uses the same rules of reason and the same laws of logic, even in faith.  But where did they come from? Normally, good reasoning is valued and expected by everyone, everywhere, or all would be utter chaos, as Dr. Spalding will endeavor to show.  Whether our reasoning is sound or faulty it’s always in accordance with a standard set of universal laws and principles which are God-given and reflections of God.  This is strong evidence for the rational God of the Bible whom we can celebrate with confidence.

Location: Metro City Church, 21080 Penn Street, Taylor, MI

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