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A long overdue posting of Dr. Peter Payne's response to Ozair on this subject


Dear Ozair,

My name is Dr. Peter Payne. More than three years ago Scott Cherry passed along to me your paper on rape and pedophilia in the Bible. At that time I wrote this letter for you which I asked him to share with you. ...Did he? Either way, he has only now decided to post it here. In two or three parts I will respond to what you have said. What I had to say about point #1 below turned out to be long enough that I decided to send it by itself and send you my responses to the rest of your paper in a couple of subsequent emails. Since your paper focuses on the question of whether the Old Testament condones rape and pedophilia, I won’t respond here to why a good God would at times command the killing of everyone found in a town, and at times command command what initially may seem like genocide. (I could address that topic at another time.) Since early in your paper you raise the question of the character of God in the Old Testament, that is what I will address in this email. In a subsequent piece I will address texts you cite in support of your claim that the OT God condones rape and pedophilia. *All biblical quotations will be from the English Standard Version translation.

  • 12 July 2024
  • Author: Guest Blogger
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What is Tao and Tawheed? 


Tao and Tawheed is dedicated to exploring the mysteries of faith, reason, and meaning. We aspire to provide articles and videos that stimulate the serious consideration of truth as seen through the lens of these and related ideas: logic, purpose, order, beauty, hope, love, morality, happiness, natural law, intelligibility, science, and divine revelation to expand the list. Our presupposition is that all these things exist and create the tapestry of reality. They are so fundamental they both govern and drive us whether we know it or not. And through the art of good thinking, metacognition and civil discussion they are discernible to us as the rational beings that we are. This is what makes humanness wonderful. To ask questions or start a conversation send email to

But why "Tao and Tawheed"? Because it's mysterious? Yes. But also because of what they mean to us. Tao is an eastern idea for which the religion of Taoism is named, although we are not Taoists. It refers to the comprehensive order and harmony of the universe despite things that seem chaotic. (In fact, we hold that there really is no chaos.) The late British philosopher C.S. Lewis used the notion of Tao to refer to natural law, or the moral order that permeates all cultures everywhere. Tawheed, or Tawhid, is Muslim concept that captures the idea of absolute unity. specifically the unity of God, or Allah. But we use it more broadly. To us it suggests that no matter how much diversity we see in the universe it is always still one. The opposite is also true, of course. Further, although we are not Muslims there is a powerful rational for monotheism that we embrace. Together we think they capture something profound: Faith, Reason and Meaning. 

But there is another word embedded in our emblem, do you see it? It's the Greek word "logos" from which the word logic derives. It is a very broad concept that by itself captures all the meaning of Tao and Tawheed together. Logos is a word that the ancient Greek philosophers used to refer to 'the logic of everything' or the 'order of all reality' consisting of both particulars and universals. Centuries later the New Testament writer John also used it in the very first sentence of his gospel. Without abandoning the earlier philosophers' notions, but with the claim of divine revelation, John appropriated 'logos', in word and principle, to Jesus the Messiah. This website recognizes and celebrates that. Therefore, our intent is to hold all ideas up to the light of the Logos personified.



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