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Deep Dive 1—Belief in ’Somethingism’

Presented by Dr. Peter Payne for those who believe in something but don't like organized religion

Event date: 1/26/2017 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM Export event

  • Attending: 23
  • Seats: 50
  • Remaining: 27
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Location : Harvest Bible Church, Westland, MI   *Please register using the button below.

These days it's pretty common for someone to say “I am not sure I believe in God, but I do believe in something.” In religious surveys they often check “none of the above.”  They no longer identify with any particular religious faith, but do believe in something, a force or higher power. Dr. Payne calls this belief, "Somethingism".  Read more below...

Now, there are some things that are genuinely attractive about embracing 'somethingism' and this talk will consider some of these points. However, 'somethingism' comes at considerable price.  In various ways those who embrace 'somethingism' are believing too much and also believing too little. This talk will elaborate on this claim and conclude that if one wants a substantive faith and one with grounding beyond mere hopeful thoughts, one ought to hope that God (the higher power) has revealed himself and his character to us in a clear way.

*Pre-registration thru this website is required for $12.  On-site, walk-up registration is $20 (except for people from Harvest Church or Lakepointe Bible Church).

Categories: Theology, Apologetics
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