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The Bible's Internal Witness

How the Bible Self-Testifies to its own Divine Origins

  • 20 January 2023
  • Author: Scott Cherry
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For example, in the first four chapters of the Bible, or Tanakh, or Torah (Genesis 1-4), the phrase “God said” or a derivation thereof appears 26 times in reference to Adam, Eve, the serpent (Satan), Cain, to the angels or other heavenly beings, or to himself. (Yes, God speaks to himself.) Then chapters 6-11 contain 9 more instances of the phrases “God said” or “the LORD (יְהוָ֑ה = Yahweh) said” in reference to Noah, or to the angels or the heavenly beings, or to himself. Chapters 12-25 contain “God said” (5) or “the LORD said” (8) to Abraham 13 times, plus 1 in reference to Rebekah, the wife of Isaac, 1 to King Abimelech, and 2 to the angels, or himself, or the heavenly beings. Then the remaining chapters of Genesis (25-50) contain 5 in-stances of “God said” or “the LORD said” in reference to Jacob (Genesis 21:12, 31:3, and 35:1, 10 and 11). Finally, in the remain-der of the Torah either of these phrases, or a combination of them (e.g. “the LORD your God”) occur 85 times in reference to Moses, 3 times to Aaron, and 3 to Balaam the pagan prophet. Altogether, these add up to 146. In the historical revelation books of the Tanakh (Joshua – Esther) the phrase “God said” (14) or “the LORD said” (93) or “the LORD spoke” (9) occurs a total of 107 times, including to Joshua, Gideon, and other men who were not “prophets” per se. In the books of poetic revelation (or wisdom, Job–Song of Solomon), the LORD spoke 14 times including to Job. Then in the remaining books of the prophets these phrases occur 61 times, plus at least twice when it is said that “the Spirit” spoke to the prophet Ezekiel (2:2 and 3:24). It is also said that the LORD spoke “through” the prophet or man of God such as is recorded in Jeremiah 37:2 and Hosea 1:2, and of course every time God told them to say or speak to the people on His behalf, another 41 times. Then there are 73 more times where it is recorded that “the LORD commanded” which is to speak. Yes, the prophets and men of God wrote holy scripture, not only what the LORD said, but also what He did, and the annals of His people. For to record in writing His acts (and theirs) was every bit as much revelation as it was to record his words. Four times the LORD commanded Prophet Moses to “write” down His words and deeds (Ex. 34:27 and Deut. 3, 8, and 31:19). Then once also to Isaiah (30:8), once to Jeremiah (30:2), once to Ezekiel (43:11), and once to Habakkuk (2:2). All this writing, of course, became Holy Scripture, and all of which was collected and preserved intact. According to the great Prophet and Messiah Jesus, “Scripture cannot be broken.” (Gospel of John 10:35). They can never be corrupted. This is also true of the New Testament scriptures. Original content by Scott Cherry An excerpt from my newest book, "The Reason of Job"

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